Painted Sky Lodge, Cedar Key, FL
Sunset at Painted Sky Lodge in Cedar Key FL
Sunset at Cedar Key's Painted Sky Lodge
Love Painted Sky Lodge, redfish!
Redfish trio
Nice redfish
Huge redfish caught at Cedar Key

At a glance:

2000 sf home
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
Sleeps 7
Minimum Stay
Minimum 3 night stay

PAINTED SKY LODGE—Cedar Key One-Of-A-Kind Waterfront Vacation Rental Home

LOCATION: Cedar Key, Florida. North central Florida USA (1 hour from Gainesville, 2 hours from Jacksonville, 2 hours from Tampa)

is a beautiful single family vacation rental home situated on a spit of land that enjoys both Gulf of Mexico and bayou waterfront views located in old Florida Cedar Key. As appropriately named, you will always be able to observe the ever changing and majestic painted skies beginning with each sunrise and ending at sunset. Historical Cedar Key, a collection of small islands, is an unspoiled fishing, clamming, and oyster harvesting village that offers visitors and residents alike a lifestyle that is all about today—leaving yesterdays behind and not worrying about what tomorrow will bring. Pull off your shoes, wiggle your toes, prop your feet up, and let that “other life” just ooze away.

The PAINTED SKY LODGE is a unique vacation rental home that offers its guests and residents comfortable and spacious bedrooms plus open living areas. The walk-around screened porch completely surrounds the house. Each bedroom offers water views in addition to a private door that opens on to the porch. The kitchen is fully equipped with beautiful granite counter tops, and spacious cabinets while overlooking the marsh and bayou. An open bar allows easy transfer of food and beverages to the dining table. The dining table and kitchen bar can sit 8 guests comfortably with more if there need be a squeeze. The living room, consisting of Mission furniture, fireplace and satellite TV make this area “oh” so comfortable. In addition, for the adventurous, you may climb the living room spiral staircase to the widow’s peak located atop the roof for spectacular 360 degree views of the islands, marshes, bayous, and Gulf of Mexico.

The PAINTED SKY LODGE offers many conveniences that all vacation guests may enjoy. An ELEVATOR is available in addition to two (2) sets of staircases. A 2-seat GOLF CART (Mr. Blue) is also available as part of the rental package but limited to those guests that are 21 years of age with a valid drivers license. You’ll have access to all of Cedar Key’s restaurants, shops, and sights without having to worry about where you’ll park your car. The laundry room has full size clothes washer & dryer along with sink and folding areas. There are two (2) very spacious car garages with remote controlled doors. There is a pet kennel in the garage as well as a gated and fenced dog run besides the house. The boat and dock facility has sitting benches, fish-cleaning table, and a floating dock to launch your kayak or fish and crab from. (Boats can be launched from the City Marina.) If you fly your own airplane, you can land at the Cedar Key airport, and walk directly to the house within minutes.



The PAINTED SKY LODGE completed its well needed make-over in November. The entire exterior of the home was repainted with a new color scheme--soft blues accented with sunset oranges. In addition, all of the screens were replaced on the newly stained wrap-around porches.

2017 was a dynamite year for fishing. There was little or no winter with less than 10 "cold" days. With limited adverse weather, achieving redfish & trout limits were easily reached. Another bluebird winter for sure as t-shirts & shorts were the apparel of choice. Birding was extra special with flocks of shore birds, white pelicans, migrating raptors, as well as the Roseate Spoonbills that elected not migrate south. The redfish catch in the creeks was fantastic especially with negative tide conditions. The lack of water in the bays & creeks forced the reds to find deep pockets & pools of water up in the creeks. Cruising with the "Flying Circus" airboat, reaching these isolated spots proved to pose no problem. If the redfish were in the pools, the action was fast & furious. In addition to our regular catches of reds, this year's catch was different in that we were able to catch a great many "over slot" redfish that exceeded the maximum length of 28 inches--some reaching up to 36 inches. It was great fun & excitement to catch a big over slot red that sometimes exceeded 15 plus pounds. These monster fish are the future of red fishing in Florida as they are mature enough for breeding. After being caught, all of these big adults were returned to the water ASAP leaving only a photo for the fisherman for future bragging rights. A variety of baits including shrimp, mud minnows, and cut mullet were utilized. In addition, there was some Savage Gear top water plug action on the flats during sunny day high tides. With spring in full swing & summer peeking over our shoulders the fishing action has now moved to the flats, oyster bars, & shallow water rocky bottoms. In addition to the reds, sea trout, cobia, triple tail, and tarpon will now be additional targeted species.

"Mr. Blue" the golf cart has performed well. "Mr. Blue" has proven to be an outstanding upgrade for all of our guests. Also, the interior of home has been repainted and looks great. Additional upgrades are scheduled for late October.

Bugs--Cedar Key is an inland community that is surrounded by tidal basins, mud banks, and grass marshes. All of Cedar Key has bugs! When there is lots of rain, the mosquitoes are prevalent especially in the early mornings and at dusk. The critters that are the worst are the 'no-see'ums'. These insects are smaller than the head of a pin but have the ability to torment any and all warm blooded mammals. Like the mosquitoes they are especially bad in the early morning hours and evenings. The solution for both pests is mosquito repellent with deet and/or 'skin so soft' both of which are readily available in most drug stores, groceries, etc.

PARENTS: Due to the design & height of this home, the number of stairs as well as the elevator, this home is NOT small kid friendly.